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Guerrilla Marketing Companies NYC

Guerrilla Marketing Companies NYC: Perhaps more than any other, guerrilla is the medium that most often makes marketers kick themselves and say, “I wish I’d thought of that.” BobCar does just that. We know how to surprise people. Our highly trained and motivated field teams can open the doors and install the BobCar in two minutes and instantly delight customers by exposing the showroom and the interactive elements. Because of the mobile nature of BobCar, a mobile showroom can be deployed to any location, even at the last minute, existing effectively as an “event-in-a-box.”

See the case of one of our clients, CLEAR, who sought to reach customers outside of stores as well as showcase CLEAR products and pricing. Over the course of 12 weeks, we created 11 custom fabricated BobCars to deploy to major events throughout Baltimore, Salt Lake City, St. Louis and Washington DC; including tradeshows, foodie festivals, and parades. Over an 180-day activation period, BobCar and CLEAR extended our impact through guerilla outreach outside CLEAR retail stores and partner stores such as Best Buy. Guerrilla Marketing Companies NYC.

Because of the success, the program was expanded into 6 additional markets. The campaign generated 25,000 qualified leads, 6.7 million impressions, and 196,000 interactions, with a total affected attendance of 3.2 million.

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