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Brand & Product Launch Marketing

Product Launch Marketing Plan: Developing a new product is a stressful and complicated process enough without the added task of introducing the product to the market. A launch event is often an excellent opportunity to capture attention, make an impression and build buzz about your product and brand among your target audience. But many business owners are lost on where to even begin when it comes to the logistics of planning such an event.

BobCar has extensive experience in product launch marketing plans with new brands and products just as well as promoting existing ones. Our energetic and enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors know exactly how to attract a crowd at any venue and keep them engaged, as well as educate and persuade them.

Take our Snickers case study for example, with their endeavor to introduce a new Snickers Dark candy bar at a high-traffic event. Held at the 49th Annual Daytona 500 in Florida, the Snickers launch campaign involved deploying five custom-fabricated BobCars to strategic high traffic areas surrounding the Daytona Speedway during the high-octane event. Brand Ambassadors at each location engaged with customers, passed out product samples, and generated genuine enthusiasm and excitement with every Daytona fan that came to our activation.

The results? Snickers and BobCar Media delivered hundreds of thousands of impressions to race fans, and distributed an enormous amount of bite size Snickers Dark samples. See more of our case studies like this here.

Your brand’s BobCar can be customized to your exact specifications and is ideal for building brand awareness, while also driving traffic to the retail store. The BobCar can be deployed at high-profile events such as concerts, festivals, industry photo shows, trade shows, parades, sporting events, and other high trafficked venues. The possibilities are endless! Give us a call today to learn how we can help you craft your perfect product or brand launch event. Product Launch Marketing plan. For more information about our process please visit Mobile Billboards – Experiential Marketing New York.

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