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Mobile Marketing Vehicles & Experiential Marketing

Mobile marketing vehicles are everywhere, especially here in Manhattan. Not one of them however is like the BobCar!  Of course, we have 12 exclusive patents to thank for that, but it’s fair to say that we’ve taken mobile truck advertising to the next level. With a 97% recall rate and immediate results, mobile marketing vehicles are one of the most effective marketing and advertising tools available. A mobile marketing vehicles can be used to achieve market saturation or skewed to reach a specific demographic target. It can also be used geographically by providing coverage in and around specific venues such as schools, sporting events, and conventions. Mobile marketing vehicles draws attention to a message by bringing it directly to the consumer.

In a society where consumers ingest about 3,000 messages every single day, people are learning to tune them out. By the end of the day a target consumer will remember an average of four out of those 3,000 messages.  We are a clever society, and we especially don’t like marketing where we feel like we are targeted animals in a zoo pen. We ignore advertisements as much as we can, so what’s a marketer to do? All marketers, old and new, understand that in order for their efforts to stand out, they need to cut through a lot of “noise”, and connect with prospects and target consumers in a memorable, and meaningful way. So, in comes consumer engagement marketing – a new strategy, a new way of thinking about how a brand lives in the mind of a consumer long after a campaign is over, mobile marketing vehicles.

Most mobile billboard trucks come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, but none can claim to be as unique as the BobCar. It’s an experiential marketing mobile advertising car that gets consumers engaged, and clients drooling for more. When brands, new and old, go on the hunt to get their product out into the public, and in the hands of their target consumers, the options are endless, but none can offer what the BobCar can give. For instance, unlike typical mobile billboard trucks, we use wrap advertising on all our vehicles. To give you a clear definition, wrapping a vehicle means that the advertisement typically envelops the entire car’s surface.

Experiential marketing is loosely defined as a marketing message that you can touch, feel, or view in a physical space, and it’s on the rise as marketers and advertisers of everything from movies to laundry detergents aim to make their brands a clear presence in the consumers’ lives.  It’s a marketing strategy that directly engages consumers and invites and encourages them to participate in the evolution of a branded experience. Rather than looking at consumers as passive recipients of branded messages, experiential marketing offers the thought that consumers should be actively engaged in the production and co-creation of marketing initiatives, harvesting a deeper connection with the brand.

mobile marketing vehiclesMobile marketing vehicles in NYC provides a connection between brand and consumer, unlike anything else. It’s when marketing is done through a live, one-on-one interaction that permits users to create real connections with brands. When an experiential marketing campaign is done correctly from a mobile billboard truck, consumers will often continue to seek and demand one-on-one, shareable and memorable interactions with a brand long after the campaign has finished.

A mobile billboard can be best used to accomplish market saturation, or segmented to reach specific demographics. The mobile advertising vehicles can also be used geographically by providing coverage in and around specific venues such as colleges or universities, sporting events, brick-n-mortar stores, and conventions. Attention is drawn to the brand by delivering the message directly to the consumer.  Through the use of our BobCar vehicles, Experiential Marketing becomes the focal voice for the brand.

Driven media vehicles otherwise known as mobile marketing vehicles, like the BobCar, is the practice of covering a vehicle with branded content with the strongly desired intent of providing advertising impressions and branded experiences. In other words, it is essentially turning the vehicle into a mobile billboard. The effectiveness of this experiential marketing initiative, as stated by Outdoor Advertising Magazine, has an extremely high recall rate of 97%, which means that 97% of the people polled said they could remember the mobile experience long after the event was over. Out of that same poll of people, 96% believed that mobile billboard marketing was a much more effective way to market than traditional advertising. 3M, the multi-billion-dollar manufacturing company has stated that a staggering 91% of the polled audience had taken keen notice of the graphics and text on our mobile billboard trucks, with nearly 80% able to recall the specific advertisement. Our BobCar vehicles are perfect for any Experiential Marketing needs. We supply each branded vehicle with two brand ambassadors. These people are trained to be highly educated with the showcased products to become real-life representatives of the brand. They become evangelists of the product, spreading good word to the people on the streets who come in close proximity to our mobile billboard vehicles.  Informational packets, brochures, coupons, and free giveaways all build interest with target consumers to bring real traceable results. If you want to see a real world example where Nike used experiential marketing to score big then read this.

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