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Human Touch

It takes real people to truly engage with consumers and our Brand Ambassadors are the perfect fit.


We’ve got a vast network of charming and energetic Brand Ambassadors ready to showcase your brand.


No technology can replace the warmth of speaking with a live human being.


Clients have reported sales increases as high as 400% with our BobCar program.

Mobile Billboard Advertising NYC

Sometimes it is crucial to find alternate ways to market your product, we specialize in Mobile Billboard Advertising NYC. Strange as it may sound, even free things don’t sell themselves. It takes a real people person to tactfully gain the attention of passersby and engage in conversation with them. It’s not enough to just be assertive; you must also be charming. And we have a vast network of charmers at the ready. Our qualified Brand Ambassadors are some of the most welcoming and energetic people you will meet. They will be trained extensively on all of the ins, outs, and nuances of your products and brand.

After creating your mobile billboard advertising plan, and your professional brand ambassadors are ready to hit the streets with our mobile showroom and interact with people about your brand one-on-one. Whether you’re trying to incite trial, gather data, or introduce a new product, no technology can replace the warmth of speaking with a live human being, who is genuinely excited to share the good news. Mobile Billboard Advertising NYC.

In addition to off-site events, the BobCar is also invaluable when stationed just outside of retail locations. There, our brand ambassadors can attract customers and hand off qualified leads to retail representatives, thereby increasing sales volume inside the store. Our clients have reported a sales increase as high as 400% in all product categories where the BobCar was present, as well as an unprecedented increase in foot traffic.

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