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Human Touch

It takes real people to truly engage with consumers and our Brand Ambassadors are the perfect fit.


We’ve got a vast network of charming and energetic Brand Ambassadors ready to showcase your brand.


No technology can replace the warmth of speaking with a live human being.


Clients have reported sales increases as high as 400% with our BobCar program.

Marketing on Cars Builds Your Brand Awareness

If you’re looking to make an impact with the marketing that you do, then take a look into the mobile advertising that can be done. When taking advantage of our mobile marketing, your brand will be recognized, and more importantly, remembered. Marketing on cars is one of the best ways to grab a strong amount of attention everywhere you go – literally.

Marketing in any form can prove to be beneficial for a company, when it’s done in the right way. This is something that is best left to professionals that understand the process of being able to market, whether out on the streets, or online. They can ensure that you’re getting the right amount of reach.

Promotional Companies Provide the Essentials Needed

Promotional companies provide many essentials to help many other companies get the promotions and views they need. Whatever vehicles you need for your promotion, our fleet of various marketing vehicles can prove the best for all of the promotional efforts you’re looking to accomplish.

Trucks, SUVs, cars, buses, trailers, and more can provide the promotional vehicle look and feel that you need when it comes to creating the right marketing experience for your brand.

Promotional marketing can be done right on the outside of the vehicles when they’re wrapped with the advertisements and logos, or brands of the company that you own.

Mobile Marketing Trailers for Promotional Efforts

Mobile advertising trailers provide a way for clients and customers to meet, one-on-one. Passersby can interact with our BobCars and trailers, speak with the brand ambassadors who have deep knowledge of your product, and most importantly see and experience the products you’re offering. This is a great way to boost your brand within a busy environment, and a great way to keep your company in everyone’s mind. Allow them to visit you, to see your brand, and interact with your product on our marketing vehicles.

It’s not just a fad. So many brands and agencies are now using this experiential mobile marketing method more, which is getting more traction in the market than just setting up a tent and table.

Use a custom mobile showroom for all the marketing efforts you want to meet. The customers who interact with the vehicle will experience your brand, giving them more information on your product. These experiences are those that continue to keep customers coming in.

If you’re looking for a different marketing method, consider our various mobile showrooms. Everyone is happier when they can see, feel, and experience the product or service that your company is offering. Ready to jump on board?

Audience Engagement

Use Activities for Audience Engagement

Using the best activities out there for audience engagement is the best way to go. Never have to worry about not being able to make the most of the marketing you need to have done. Once you get the attention of the audience, you’re able to get more business coming into your company once again.

Measure the results that you’re getting when it comes to engaging the audience and making sure that they seen everything that needs to be seen. Many of these customers or clients may not have known about your company in the past, but with the right activities to get them engaged, they know have more information about you then ever.

Use Our Audience Engagement Marketing Techniques

Whether it is an event or activity, you can be sure to get all that you need out of the marketing that is being done for your company. Make sure that you’re getting all that you need from the audience around you. With the right marketing company, they will know what needs to be done in order to grab the audiences attention and then hold it.

With this being said, make sure that the audience around you is going to want the product or service you’re offering – this is your target audience.

We have used a technique in the past that not only grabs the target audiences attention but brings them more information to make them want to use your services. Once this is done, the retention rates for these companies tripled.

Be an Attendee at One of Our Events

When we hold an event, make sure to be one of the attendees that show up. We can provide you with a glimpse into some of the marketing we are able to do that truly gets the audience involved and wanting to work with the company that hires us.

This is what you should want for your company. The audience is there, you just have to have the right marketing team to grab their attention and make them want to use your services.

Whether a digital publisher, an online or on-site event, a party or anything else; our marketing services provide the best help that is out there. We engage your audience, we retain your audience and we help you gain customers and clients from those potentially interested in your business.

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