Live Event Promotion

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a new way of experiential marketing


Live experiences create memories and associations that impact a customer’s relationship to a brand.


Brand Awareness increases as customers share pics and content from your mobile showroom.

Easy Access

BobCars can be deployed at any event you need, indoors or out.


Perfectly packaged, the BobCar is your all-in-one event-in-a-box!

Live Event Promotion | National Mobile Billboards

There’s a lot to be said about the power of live events and the way they impact people. Live experiences bring people together in a communal environment, they create memories and associations in a person’s mind in a way that visual marketing alone simply can’t. Creating these positive associations with your brand is critical to a successful experiential marketing campaign. The human element is one that is often missing or lacking in traditional advertising and is one that BobCar Media provides with zeal and expertise. National mobile billboards are on the move to becoming the most influential marketing technique out there.

Apart from the positive feelings in customers from the one-on-one interaction at events inspired by national mobile billboards, the opportunity for raising brand awareness and sales at events is tremendous. Not only do events generate a huge numbers of impressions, but they also have an amazing ripple effect as the attendees share pictures and content on social media. Our patented interactive BobCars are a self-enclosed mobile “event-in-a-box,” that can go to any location, even at the last minute, to make a splash or to be at the event.

The BobCar can be deployed at high-profile events such as concerts, festivals, industry photo shows, trade shows, parades, sporting events, and other high trafficked venues. Our seasoned brand ambassadors have experience with attracting a crowd at any venue and they keep customers well engaged, while they educate and persuade them into doing as you please.

Whether you’re looking to own the last three feet at the retailer, conduct product demonstrations, distribute special offers, or increase foot traffic, we have experienced teams that love to make this happen with our national mobile billboard campaign.

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