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Experiential Marketing Case Studies: BobCar Media has a proven track record of delivering superb customer engagement, skyrocketing sales and impressions, and raising brand awareness, with measurable ROI to show for it. Our clients have reported an unprecedented increase in foot traffic, and in retail environments, and have reported record-breaking sales increases in all product categories where the BobCar Mobile Showroom was present.  Below are samples of experiential marketing case studies from just a few of our satisfied customers. See these experiential marketing examples for yourself!

We saw a dramatic 78% increase in sales at Best Buy locations when BobCar was present and a 62% increase at our Clear retail stores.

Kevin Martini - CLEARWIRE

My first experience with the BobCar. Unreal, guerrilla marketing at its finest… creating havoc around New York City and everywhere

John Legere - T-MOBILE

The results exceeded our expectations tenfold. BobCar is a great consideration to any marketer looking to augment their national, regional or local campaign requiring retailer tie-ins!.

Dario Avalos - SANDISK