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a new way of experiential marketing


Bring the brand to the consumer and become a part of their


Expose the brands value proposition in an immersive


Deliver a clear call to action allowing for a deeper brand journey.

Change Behavior

Lead the consumer through their journey by creating a clear path of action.

Trust in an Experiential Marketing Agency

Engagement marketing, also known as experiential marketing, gets potential customers involved. At BCEX | BobCar Media, we help our clients offer something unique to the consumers to remember them by. With this type of marketing experience, so many have found the necessary skills and engagement that compares with even the best alternative types of advertising.

Why Experiential Marketing?

Engagement marketing welcomes just about any experience that you’d like to create, and with our patented BobCars anything is possible. Experiential marketing deployments are not only ideal for the brand, but they’re also great for raising awareness and doing something great for the community.

We can provide automotive mobile advertising using our unique fleet of marketing vehicles, or we can help build your event in a specific area of your choice. Our events are successful for numerous reasons, while also being one of the most spoken about ways to advertise for just about any company.

At BCEX | BobCar, we make sure that we market your brand in the best light possible.

Hire Us For Your Event Marketing Needs

When it comes to experiential marketing, BCEX | BobCar Media is one of the best firms not just in NYC, but across the country. We know how important engagement marketing truly is for a business. We can successfully target your audience, and engage with them to build brand awareness for your company. giving you much more to benefit from when trying to obtain new customers, clients, and return on investment.

We know experiential marketing, and we’re ready for you.

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