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Sports Marketing

BCEX/BobCar can take your Team or Venue directly to the people. Whether at retail, events, or community activities we engage and educate audiences by using our unique portfolio of interactive assets. We build custom programs that motivate and resonate with audiences on a personal level to positively drive results.

With a rich history in retail we ‘totally’ understand results oriented programs. This experience enables us to deliver transactional based programs that engage audiences where the live, work, play and shop.

Our ‘Bring the Arena/Team to the People’ program has proven to positively impact audiences delivering results on an unprecedented level. The ‘Bring the Team/Arena to the People’ program brings the essence of the Team/Venue to communities adapting to the audience makeup, activation location, and desired messaging of the day. Our programs are living breathing things, able to adjust and adapt throughout the activation period.

To bring the program to the people, we utilize our fleet of Patented BobCar Mobile Showrooms. Fully customized to generate awareness, engage, and educate audiences to the Team/Venues unique messaging and offerings. The showrooms efficiently engage with audiences at a wide variety of strategically targeted high traffic locations. The program creates an audience friendly environment leveraging the dynamic assets of the Team/Venues offerings. Once engaged, consumers are educated about the upcoming events, schedules, and ticket offerings. Our team of highly trained multi-lingual Brand Ambassadors serve as an extension of the Team/Venues communications team creating relationships, promoting data sharing and increased ticketing activities.

Extremely agile, our fleet of gas and electric powered vehicles can set up in virtually any scenario servicing a multitude of events and locations.  The mobile showrooms feature a 43” audio/video media center capable of delivering branded content and valuable Team/Venue information.

Our programs provide digitally connected tablets seamlessly linking to on-line content and ticketing destinations. Additionally, our programs feature Social Media elements allowing audiences to share their experiences on their individual platforms. The Hot Spot enabled showrooms are ‘Live Events’ allowing content to flow and the on-board technology to be connected.

Once on location, our skilled multi-lingual sales oriented Brand Ambassadors engage with consumer as they encounter the fun entertaining environment. Audiences can view and interact with the on-board assets diving deeper to explore their own personal interests.  Our Brand Ambassadors converse with consumers on average for 5-7 minutes educating and discussing their interests, then sharing the offering and pathway that’s right for them.

All of programs also communicate back to you. We capture and document KPI’s, audience feedback, along with video and still images of every activation. We collect and assemble this information providing a weekly recap of the activation for the life of the program.


The BobCar Mobile Showroom currently holds Twelve(12) U.S. & International Patents, making our programs truly unique.


There are mobile marketing programs and then there’s a BobCar Program…

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