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Political Marketing

Experiential marketing can be a hugely important facet in any political marketing campaign. It allows you to bring a candidate directly to the voters, collect valuable feedback all through our integrated technology platforms. Connecting with voters directly allows you to get information that is otherwise impossible to obtain in real time. Do you want to know what the voters feel are your strongest points? Do you want to actually connect with the voters you meet creating an on-going channel of communication?

With Experiential marketing, entire campaigns can be placed in targeted areas where it can deliver the maximum impact. Your campaign will appreciate the information you can get from this type of effort while also being able to focus on more of their time on other matters of your concern. Experiential marketing focuses on voter engagement and retention. These campaigns can be hugely successful because of the personalized delivery of the campaigns messaging.

BCEX/BobCar Media and our patented BobCar Mobile Showrooms are at the forefront of political program experiential marketing. Our team utilizes professional brand ambassadors as well as our unique Interactive Mobile Media Showrooms to engage audiences, deliver a candidate’s messaging through the latest technology, gather data and voter feedback in real time. Our BobCar, Mobile showrooms are able to set-up most anywhere, engaging your targeted audiences where they live, work, play and shop.

Our campaign showrooms are fully emblazoned with campaign graphics and are hot spot equipped with audio/video systems, tablets allowing for broadcasts, registration and data collection. If you want us to give out premiums or even hot coffee, we can do that. If you need us to sign people up for your newsletter, our brand ambassadors are happy to do that while engaging in conversations with potential voters. We also offer onboard social media elements that allow voters to post their experience to social media networks Word of mouth, sampling, brand advocacy, live event activation, and multi-lingual campaigns are just a few examples that work and turn people into knowledgeable advocates for you too.

BCEX/BobCar Media is well established in the marketing community and is ready to work with your campaign to bring the message to the people. Let’s connect and get the marketing your political campaign needs to get where you want it to be.

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